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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Death Wish Coffee - Is It Really The "World's Strongest?"

Death Wish Coffee Company was kind enough to let me try two of their epic coffees -- the Death Wish coffee as well as their artisan roast: Valhalla Java Odin Force blend, which was crafted specifically for Zakk Wylde, a member of Black Label Society and the "world's most powerful guitarist."

 For the Black Label Society or Zakk Wylde fans, here's Zakk Wylde's commercial for the Valhalla Blend (posted to Zakk Wylde's YouTube channel) 

Without a doubt, the Death Wish Coffees are superior to any other coffee I've tried. Read on to find out what I felt makes stuff so rave-worthy.

To briefly summarize Death Wish Coffee for those who "skim," Death Wish Coffee contains twice as much caffeine as your average cup, and their coffee is organic, fair-trade certified, premium dark roast

As per the label on the Valhalla Java, "With maximum flavor and caffeine content, this blend will bring you back from the nights you thought you'd never wake up from. Do you bleed black?"

Valhalla Java is "forged from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and the nutrient rich soils of Central and South America."

Had a difficult time getting a clear shot of the shiny label without it being distorted from reflection, so here's a somewhat clearer image.

Death Wish

The following are a few close-ups of the actual coffee grounds. I'm a very photographic person, so I have included plenty.

Close-up of Death Wish Coffee Grounds

Another Death Wish Coffee ground photo

Last one, I promise... Except for the photos below, which will be of the Valhalla grounds.

Close-up of Valhalla Coffee Grounds. I notice the grounds of both Death Wish Coffee products appear richer/darker in color than the typical Folger's brand.

Another Valhalla Java Coffee Grounds Close-Up


Death Wish Coffee has a genuine pungent aroma straight out of the bag, attesting to the buzzy strength that's soon to hit you.

Both Death Wish and the Valhalla Java have a fresh aroma and taste. They're velvety smooth (one of the most important aspects in a coffee, as far as personal preference goes), dark and roasted perfectly without the burnt bitterness that many dark roast coffees have. The Valhalla has a touch of frothiness.

Those of you who are awesome enough to hang around here at Ribbons and Pearls know that I'm an absolute [self-entitled] caffeine princess. In fact, I arrived at the conclusion early in my adult life that life really isn't that worth living without coffee.

I know, that's a pretty severe thing to say, but don't sit there and act like you don't agree.

I had been told from one of my awesome readers that I basically didn't know sh-- about strong caffeinated beverages until I tried this Death Wish Coffee.

That was the second time that Death Wish Coffee Company had come up, so I was intrigued just by the name alone and couldn't put it off any longer. 

I absolutely had to get some of this Death Wish coffee and see for myself -- as a gal who easily takes in 1,000 milligrams of caffeine daily. And hey, just go ahead and throw your judgmental attitude to the side -- if it really lives up to the hype.

"The world's strongest coffee." Are you kidding me? There was no way I was going to keep hearing that phrase and not get a taste of that caffeinated glory myself.

And while we're at it, don't you think for one second I don't know good coffee, either. I know good coffee. 

Death Wish Coffee is said to be the world's strongest.

Those are some pretty bold claims. 

But do they hold any weight? Or is this just another average coffee with trumped up claims?

Just hold yer taters because I am here to answer those  questions for you.

Naturally, I set out to try this Death Wish coffee for myself, and my prayers were answered (yes, I literally did pray to the good Jesus in heaven that I would be granted such an honor to try "the world's strongest coffee" for myself).

The good folks at Death Wish Coffee Company were kind enough to allow me the opportunity to try their two best-sellers -- the Death Wish coffee and the Valhalla Odin Force.

Without making you read through lengthy paragraphs to get your answer to the biggest, most nagging question any coffee connoisseur undoubtedly has by now...

And I normally can't answer such questions as these when it comes to a product with big, bold claims because it's rare that the actual experience/results aren't simply neutral or so-so compared to the big, bold claims, but is Death Wish coffee actually the "world's strongest?"

I have no doubt that it very well is.

But does it really taste that much better than your typical "good" coffee?

Death Wish Coffee is far from your average cup of mud. From taste to quality, this stuff is purely luxurious. 

I'll admit it, even though I am a self-entitled coffee princess, with the amount I consume on a daily basis (and the insanely miniscule income a writer like myself brings in), my stash does not consist of large amounts of the high-quality stuff. 

Let's face it, on an average day, I choke down the so-called "quality" brands of coffee like Folgers and Maxwell House.

The "good stuff" stays in the freezer for special occasions. It only gets broken out when I feel like it's deserved.

I know it's harsh, but around here, the rule is if your favorite coffee is McDonald's coffee, then you really don't know coffee.

It shocks the life out of me that people love and even prefer McDonald's coffee over any other brand.

I have a theory that the "coffee" from McDonald's is actually green bean juice. The kind inside an aluminum can.

That is exactly what their coffee tastes like to me. Starbucks? All hype, although they do have decent coffee, but for the most part, it's just over-hyped (and equally over-priced) coffee or sugar since most of their coffee is whipped cream and sugar.

I'm not denying that I don't enjoy that rare taste Starbucks' coffee has, and it is a step up from crap like Folgers, but far from luxurious.

Then among my favorites when it comes to the cheaper/average-priced choices, like the Bean Street and other convenient store coffees such as Guatemalan, Peruvian and Colombian coffees-- which I'll now be boycotting due to the knowledge my mom recently shared regarding the sad, non-fair-trade problem, which I'll even discuss in this post.

Now that you've got an idea of what my personal definition of "good coffee," is, let me be of further assistance by giving you my own personal coffee rating system...

Taste Rating:
As far as taste goes, on a rating scale of 1-10, Death Wish coffee is among only 2 coffees that I've ever been able to rate a full 10.

I've rarely been able to rate a coffee above a 5-8 as far as taste goes.

As for strength, like I said, I can easily believe that Death Wish is "the world's strongest" coffee.

How Death Wish Compares to my Regular Folgers, Energy-Wise
Using the regular amount of coffee grounds required for an average-strength full pot is far weaker than Death Wish. 

I've experimented using different amounts per pot and found that with Death Wish coffee, I can use half of what is normally required using Folgers and get about the same strength. In other words, it takes somewhere close to twice as much (not quite double, but close) Folgers to get the results I do with the Death Wish Coffee.

The Death Wish coffee label recommends 2 1/2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of coffee. I get a nice caffeine buzz from just half a large cup (large being 24 oz cups like the large you get at a convenient store) whereas I'll typically use 12-14 tablespoons, or a completely full, heaping filter-full of Folgers. In an average day, I'll consume close to the entire pot of it using Folgers. Using Death Wish, I have been getting my desired results with just the one 24 oz cup.

Death Wish Coffee is an organic, premium dark roast coffee that I consider to have the taste of smooth luxury. 

The Valhalla Java is an artisan blend that comes from nutrient-rich sources like Central and South America and Indonesia.
While high caffeine content and luxury taste is of utmost importance when it comes to your coffee, there are a few more aspects that are equally as important (or should be) but often over looked. For that reason, I'd like to point out the additional specs that further impressed me with Death Wish Coffee Co.

- USDA Certified Organic

- Expertly Roasted. Death Wish Coffee Co. even made a video showing just how expertly their roasting process is. It's pretty neat if you want to see it in-the-making, check out the video below:

- Fair Trade
* We coffee lovers should try to always look for "Fair Trade" certification on labels. It's important to support small producers and farm owners to ensure they're actually getting proper payment for their work rather than the alternative -- where they're paid so little that it's unethically pathetic. 

Fair trade certification basically ensures responsible farming in an ecological sense and that that the growers are ethically treated with acceptable working conditions, including no child-labor.

I'm ashamed to say this, but I wasn't aware that coffee is basically like drug cartels. Small coffee farmers often have their profit stripped away by their governments.

Needless to say, Death Wish Coffee never fails to bring me up and make the start of my day a tasty and pleasurable experience. Plus, the infallible energetic buzz was enough to transform me into a devoted Death Wish Coffee drinker.

From here on, the "good stuff" I keep in the freezer will consist only of Death Wish.

P.S. Death Wish Coffee Company frequently gives away merchandise freebies to Twitter followers. Click here to follow them on Twitter to keep up. 

They have koozies, stickers, etc. I was lucky enough to also get a Death Wish Coffee Co. sticker and that sucker is going on my car.

Review for ReliefMD - "The Massage in a Bottle"

ReliefMD is called the "massage in a bottle" because of its scientifically formulated ingredients that have relieving properties.

Something that I love about Trusted Health Products: they use only a few potent, effective ingredients that are safe and don't include harmful fillers or additives or anything like that. Like all Trusted Health Products, ReliefMD contains only natural ingredients.

ReliefMD Ingredients
Natural almond oils, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, camphor, spearmint, and olive.
Shot of ReliefMD in better lighting. Note the awesome salt rock lamp in the background. ;)

ReliefMD is for the discomfort of the Following:

Sore neck/back
Swollen joints
Sore muscles
Mosquito bites
Cold sores

You can also place a few drops of ReliefMD in a little container like a saucer and leave it nearby your bed for aromatic benefits.
The amazing aroma is so clean and lovely as a room freshener too.

Instructions for Use:
Directions on Label:
Swipe one drop on upper lip, above the nose and across the forehead and then lightly cover the affected area without rubbing in. Use 3x's a day or as needed. Wash hands when finished using. Don't use on open wounds.

Without rubbing in, you can place a little ReliefMD on the affected area up to 3 times daily.

You can swipe a small drop on the upper lip, below the nose or across the forehead as well to treat headaches.

Properties of Each Ingredient:
⦁    Almond –
used in skin care because it acts as an emollient (softens and soothes skin), as a remedy for dry skin conditions, and as a relief for irritation, inflammation, and itching. These excellent emollient properties help  skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture. Almond oil is used in the medical field to help treat various forms of dermatitis. 

⦁    Eucalyptus –
antiseptic, helps with nausea, suppresses coughs, has powerful germicidal and disinfectant properties.
Stimulates blood flow, which directs more oxygen to the brain and to the point of application.

⦁    Peppermint
– anti-microbial, fungicidal, and bactericidal. For medicinal uses, studies have shown peppermint oil to be effective as an analgesic, a tonic, an antispasmodic, and for daytime sleepiness. When combined with eucalyptus oil, they're well-known for their positive efficacy to treat headaches and relieve pain.

⦁    Wintergreen (Methyl Salicylate) – is accepted by the U.S Food and Drug Administration as an over-the-counter external analgesic, primarily intended to relieve mild muscle and joint pain. Has anti-inflammatory properties and is used in topical pain relievers and products that produce a feeling of warmth.

⦁    Camphor –
antiseptic, analgesic and antispasmodic. Germany has approved Camphor for the treatment of rheumatism (externally). Camphor oil is applied to the skin to promote circulation and to relieve itching.

⦁    Spearmint –
is generally used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, and in skin care, it is used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

⦁    Olive –
nourishing and moisturizing

What I've Used ReliefMD For So Far:

1. Headache. I use the powerful aromatic properties of the oil to help with my migraines and headaches.

2. Insect bites, itching, and as an insect repellant.
Now that summer is here and so are the biting bugs, I've been using this ReliefMD religiously because we spend a lot of time outdoors and bugs eat me alive.

The ReliefMD has been efficient at keeping the bugs away when applied to the skin as well as treating the itch of bites already there -- something that is hugely relieving!

Our family does weekend get-togethers outside at the pool and build a fire for roasting marshmallows. These two areas are where the bugs seem to be the worst, so the entire family has been happily slathering the ReliefMD all over to keep the bugs away!

We've even strayed family members away from the harmful, chemical-laden bug sprays by having them use this instead. Everyone (including myself) seems to be very pleased with it, and the minty aroma is pleasant! Even the kids are happy to use this stuff.

I've also used the ReliefMD for bites with success. It stops the itching for good, as soon as I apply it the bite won't itch anymore. 

A lot of products that claim to treat itching only work for a short period, but Trusted Health Products' ReliefMD keeps it from ever itching again, especially if I catch it quickly. I noticed their other oil --  the body moisturizer that I reviewed recently here -- also seemed to be keeping insects away.

Another awesome benefit of the mint oils in ReliefMD is that mint is known for its helpful benefits on the brain. Just smelling it can help you perform better on things like tests.

 In fact, when I was applying ReliefMD to my niece, she told me that the school she attends applies something similar to the backs of the kids' chairs during testing because they "think better." I was so thrilled to hear that her school (the school I attended as a child too) was doing this.

This oil is so light-weight and absorbable that it leaves no residue behind on my skin and doesn't leave a super greasy appearance to skin. It's somewhat moisturizing and it fully absorbs, so if used as a massage oil, you won't have to rush to the shower as soon as you're done (the oil isn't messy and I can wear it under my clothing without problems.)


For a limited time, the manufacturer is willing to offer my readers a free bottle (excluding shipping) of ReliefMD. They said they'd love to have our readers try out ReliefMD and agreed to send one bottle, if our readers pay the shipping fee. If you're interested, you can accept the offer here.
If you'd like to visit Trusted Health Products on social media, you can find them on Facebook and here at their website.

Disclaimer: I am not a specialist, expert, professional or doctor of any kind. Content on this blog is not intended to be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or advice of any sort. I'm simply sharing information about my own experiences and results from use of a product or activity in hopes of providing useful information to readers, not to be taken as a patient/medical adviser relationship. I am not responsible for what readers choose to do after viewing the content here. Furthermore, I do not hold an "exceptional" or other special relationship with any company mentioned on this site. I'm simply a consumer who worked with the company on a review that is in compliance with FTC's guidelines. That means, everything you read here is my own words, not anything of the company's. I was not provided with monetary compensation for my review. All information posted has been done so with complete honesty. No action should be taken based solely on the content of this publication ( I'm not responsible.) Readers who rely on the information in this blog to replace the advice of an appropriate health care provider assume all risks of such behavior.

Make Healing Water Using Dr. Emoto's Simple Water-Structure-Changing Technique:

Make Healing Water Using Dr. Masaru Emoto's Simple Water-Structure-Changing Technique:

Most of you have heard about the experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto where he used prayer, music, and writing different words onto pieces of paper and placed them under a container of water to find that the structure of the water changed in such ways that confirmed that the words carry energy/vibration that has the ability to literally change the water's structure. When he examined the samples, he found that the ones that had words such as "love" under them had formed a perfect hexagonal crystal snowflake. Upon examining the samples that had words like "hate," he found the structure to be chaotic and not formed like the snow-flake- looking crystals.

"The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. Moreover, we never observed identical crystals," says Dr. Emoto's statement about the experiment on his website.

If you haven't heard of this experiment, I implore you to watch the video below (from Dr. Masaru Emoto's website) before continuing. It's pretty powerful stuff. *You can also visit Dr. Masaru Emoto's website, which talks all about his work and findings.

Now, I'd like to share with you how we might be able to use the wonderful Dr. Emoto's findings to easily change the structure of the water we drink.

When I first read about Dr. Emoto's water experiment, the first thing I did was write the word "love" on a piece of paper, and set my cup of water over it. 30 minutes later, I drank the water.

I've since made a habit of doing this with my water every night. I write the words "love, healing, health, and joy" on the paper and let my glass of water sit on top of it for about 30 minutes before I drink it.

Simple, right? And best of all, it costs nothing really (unless you don't have a writing utensil, a glass for the water, or water.)

I do this with my other beverages as well.

I figure you can also just write the word on the cup/glass. I'm also assuming that this little technique for changing the vibration of something can be used in many, many ways such as with your food and any other thing you consume. In fact, I even wrote it on the stuff I brush my teeth with! I use a blend of oils to brush my teeth with, so I just took a marker (it isn't even visible on the bottle, but I know it's there and that's all that matters) and wrote the words "love, perfect health, joy" on the bottle.

I am not sure what the "rating" of the vibration for the words "perfect health" and "joy" would be, but they are words that feel very powerful and positive to me, and they're in-line with my intentions -- to have perfect health inside out, including dental health, to have and be love and to have joy -- so I figured I'd try those out as well as love.

Let me know if you can think of any other high-vibration words that could be used for certain intentions/desires!

I figured since Dr. Emoto's experiment produced such magnificent results, it would surely work the same way for us if we were to utilize his method for our water, and then drink it. So, since we could all use good health, and since love is the most positive vibration there is, why not attempt to change the water we drink into something that just might encourage healing or good health within us?

Dr. Emoto's experiment was conducted with the intentions of showing that words are powerful enough to impact water and humans. Since we're made up of something like 70 percent water, it would stand to reason that words alone can change the structure within us as well, whether positive or negative.

Dr. Emoto reminded us that the words we use have an impact on every part of our body and we need to be mindful about this.

That's really powerful information that I personally feel like can be utilized for a multitude of magnificent possibilities

We can use this to our benefit, though. It's my thinking that there could be many incredible ways we can use this free information to our benefit.

For the time being, I'm using it to see if perhaps by doing this simple, free "technique" my health can benefit.

I hope you all will join me in this simple experiment and see if you can benefit from it as well. At the very least, this "challenge" (if you'd like to think of it as such) will benefit us in the way that we'll definitely become more mindful of the words we use when we speak to ourselves, right? It might even encourage us to use more positive words when we talk to ourselves (and others), now that we are aware that words probably impact our entire makeup as well.

So, take a minute to repeat the word "love" slowly and deliberately for a few seconds.

I have been letting words like "love" and "health" flow over and over through my mind as I picture the words, noting every syllable and every letter.

Picturing the letters going across my forehead and then absorbing into my brain. Maybe that sounds odd, but when I was deliberately saying the word "love" in my mind, that is the image that popped up -- the word slowly moving across my forehead like those electronic signs you see going down the road, announcing some ad for something or what-not.

Then, the word itself just kind of looked as if it were fading into the area of my head, so I came to the idea that imagining it "absorbing" into my head, and then flowing through my body could be beneficial.

I sincerely hope you guys will join me in this fun, free challenge that just might help improve our health and well-being! It's worth a shot, right? I will be keeping an eye out for any changes or improvements as I continue this (focusing on the water experiment) and then I'll meet you back here to discuss what occurs.

Please, if any of you do this or something similar (you can tweak it to your own needs and desires!) share with me how it goes for you in a comment or in an email or message to me. I always reply to my readers and I love sharing stories and outcomes of our personal journies with each other. It brings me so much joy to share our techniques and results together, so please don't hesitate to jump in and let me know how you do it, and how things turn out! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Digestive Aids - Are They as Safe and Effective As you Thought?

Through all my years of struggles and pain and cramps and bloating and, well, you get the idea -- I've learned one thing about digestive supplements or "aids." I was unfortunate and learned the hard way, but knowing what I know now, I never buy/use a digestive aid that doesn't follow the few standards outlined in this article.

You wouldn't expect to have to worry that the supplements placed in stores across America could have the potential to harm us. In fact, most of us would never expect a supplement to have any negative effect on us. Sometimes the supplements and "aids" we take don't seem to help much, but we'd never expect them to be downright harmful to our health.

However, the sad truth is that there have been instances where the vitamins and other supplements proved to be harmful in some way or other.

That's the bad news. The good news is that after reading this post, you won't have to worry so much about ending up with a digestive aid that harms you as you'll know what to look for.

Always check the ingredients label to make sure you know what you're taking. Be wary of products with really long ingredient lists or that contain words so big you don't know which end to start pronouncing from. A good rule of thumb that most people follow is if you can't read the ingredient, be wary of it. You can always research ingredients to learn of their safety-ness and effectiveness at helping your digestive system.

Probiotics often don't contain a lot of harmful additives, but it's still important to look at the label and be sure.

2. Is it Really Natural?
It all boils down to quality. You have quality supplements that are made with safe and effective ingredients, and you have those who's quality is questionable. Perhaps the label doesn't boast "all natural" or even worse, perhaps it does, but upon looking closer, you find that the it isn't as "all natural" as you thought. Or it is, but still contains ingredients you aren't sure are safe.

Opting for a "100% natural" claim is best, in my opinion.

The supplement industry isn't really regulated and some manufacturers take advantage of that fact. Since the product only has to contain so much natural ingredients, manufacturers can get away with including non-natural ingredients as well. Your best bet here is to check the label and if in doubt, contact the manufacturer. Most of the time, a reputable manufacturer/company will gladly get back to you and assist you with your concerns/questions. If I ever don't get a response, I will not use the product.

When it comes to my digestive system woes, I never skimp on quality supplements and other products. It absolutely must be useful in improving my digestive system and also safe and without harmful ingredients. Those are my first three concerns any time I use or purchase a supplement. If the product passes those three concerns, I typically find that it tends to pass many others as well.

3. Are the "Active Ingredients" Known for Improving Your Problem?
You'd be surprised, but there actually are digestive aids out there that contain ingredients that aren't touted as being very effective when compared to others on the market. You must watch out for filler products that contain very little of the active ingredients too.

When it comes to a digestive soothing and rejuvenating type of supplement, I always go for a natural, herbal remedy supplement. In this case, there are a lot of natural, herbal plants out there that are extremely effective for digestive system issues.

I typically look for a blend of herbs that soothe such as Valerian root, lemon balm,etc. As a side note, I also like to use mint to help relieve painful cramps and spasms. I keep a mint plant right on the porch and chew a few leaves when the problems hit.

I also love aloe vera for digestive problems and if a digestive aid also contains aloe, then that's icing on the cake. I have used aloe in treating debilitating IBS and it never fails me when an episode strikes.

If I'm buying a probiotic to help the "good" bacteria flourish and stop the bad, I typically look for products that contain a lot of bacteria strains (2,000 BU is how much one supplement I use contains.)
I've found that a lot of the store bought drinks and yogurts that are praised for being probiotics don't contain a whole lot of the healthy bacteria anyways.

In the end, it all boils down to quality. Always remember to look for labels with quality assurance and "quality guaranteed." Also try to opt for those that boast the Certified Organic stamp and even the Manufactured in a Safe Facility stamp.

There are good, quality digestive aids that allow you the safety and comfort of knowing that they've done the research and consciously chose to use only safe and effective and high-quality ingredients without adding artificial crap. For example, while I don't endorse any product, I do feel comfortable personally, with brands such as Cambridge Laboratories as they promise that their digestive aid is a natural remedy product.

Always put your health first and try to opt for brands that use ingredients you know and ingredients that have some kind of backing as far as their efficacy goes. You don't want to swallow a water pill every day and keep hoping your digestive system will become healthy.

Avoid as many negatives as possible when it comes to using a supplement product by choosing those that can boast the kind of qualities discussed above, and avoid anything that doesn't contain "active ingredients" that are known for being used in treating/improving the problem you're looking to improve.

Relationship Rule of Thumb - Argument

-----------INSERT FOXY BLOGGER LINK !!!!!!!!

Rule of Thumb: Only argue to reach a better place. An argument should always be effective in getting you both to a better place. An argument should be done for a good reason. Sometimes arguments are ways to get a relationship back into alignment.

A lot of arguments occur when one or both spouses have allowed upsets or resentment or some kind of unhappy feelings to build without dealing with them. If things continue in such a way, it results in the couple becoming distant from each other and tension in the relationship.

Sometimes we simply don't know how to express something that's bothering us in our relationships, so we just say nothing at all. When the "problem" is something that needs to be dealt with, a lot of times that will manifest in the form of an argument and I think it's because when the argument breaks out, you typically stop holding back and get honest with the things that have been bothering you, and therefore, you're able to start dealing with them and clearing things up.

An effective argument is supposed to cause a positive change in the relationship and allow you to become more bonded at the end.

Once the argument dies down and understanding begins to occur, the couple should feel relieved and enthusiastic about moving on with new, positive goals that contribute to both parties' happiness.

Never allow an argument to take place between you and your loved one unless you
During an argument with your spouse, always go in the direction of a solution to the problem. Never allow yourself to waste time just trying to hurt each other or cause each other to feel badly (guilt, etc.)

A good rule of thumb I've found useful is to only say things that take us in the direction of a solution or a better place. Always make sure if you're going  to argue that you come up with a solution to the problem, otherwise arguments aren't useful but only drain you and cause negative feelings between you and your loved one.

Ultimately, an argument should allow you to get to the bottom of things.

Any other argument is simply not worth arguing over. An effective argument (such as what I've described here) should be the only one you allow yourselves to engage in. Simply being mad or in an ill mood is never an acceptable reason to allow an argument to go on. The best thing you can do when you feel the beginnings of an argument coming from something useless such as being in a bad mood is to immediately stuff it out. An effective way to do this is by simply saying "I'm so sorry. I'm just in a bad mood right now. Let's stop here and let me work on getting myself into a better mood (alignment)."

It's hard to respond to that sentence with an argumentative attitude, so use it when necessary to keep from arguing over the minor, useless issues.

Save the arguments for times when you know something positive can come from it.

Law of Attraction Challenge - Manifest 3 Things in One Week

A 'Law of Attraction Challenge' has been circulating amongst bloggers. The idea is to manifest 3 different things (can be anything as long as it's something believable for you)
in one weeks time. Needless to say, challenge accepted!

I thought I'd share the challenge as well as my results and process with you guys, so come along.

Here's how it works:

Name 3 things you'd like to manifest and write them down. Writing down your manifestations and goals is touted as a powerful part of manifesting anything, so this step is important.

Then spend a few minutes daily (as little as 2-3 minutes) working up a feeling of relief as you imagine, one-by-one, each item on your list being in your experience. 

So, if $20 is on your list of things to manifest, you'll write it down and then everyday for the next 7 days, spend a couple of minutes (more if you want) imagining yourself having it and then feeling relief and joy for it. A lot of people find that feeling gratitude can be powerful in manifesting things, so keep that in mind as you go.

1. A need
The first item on your list should be the "big" one, typically something that's along the lines of a need, but not something that you have any resistance or stress or disbelief around. A believable amount of money is what most people use as #1. 

#1 on my list is the typical $1,000 goal that's usually recommended. However, if you find it hard to believe you could receive $1,000 in one week, then go for a smaller amount.

It can also be a totally different kind of need or something that generally happens to be important to you at the moment.

Here's a video that you may find very encouraging on this topic:

2. A material item

(My #2 is odd, but I'll share anyway. It was an energy supplement that I used to use for extra energy and mental clarity. It's one I've even reviewed here on R&P before, but I'd had a tough time purchasing any since for the last 6+ months it seems the product is out of stock and perhaps even discontinued altogether.

Lately, it's been really clear to me that I could use an extra boost of energy since I've been feeling exceptionally crappy. So, I went ahead and put the energy supplement on my list as #2 since it's something I'd really love to have right now, but nothing that I'm too attached to.

The second item, the material item, is "smaller," or "easy," meaning it's something you would like to have but not necessarily a need or something that ranks of any major importance. Again, it needs to be something you can easily see/believe. For most people, a huge, luxury item is not going to be easily believable, so avoid going too grandiose.

Basically, item #2 on the list should be something fun, something that causes you to feel really good if you were to get it, or beneficial to you in a positive way.

For example being given a small gift without having asked. A pencil, a sticker, a free sample, or even aim to manifest being offered a freebie item next time you're in a store or restaurant. 

Maybe you frequent fast-food restaurants, so you could write down "I'll be given a free drink (or ice-cream, or something along those lines) next time I place a food order at a restaurant." This one in particular is a fun one for me.

Short story about just one of the many times I successfully manifested a #2 item:
I recently manifested not being charged for those little "shots" of espresso and creamers in the coffee section of the gas station. I love those espresso shots, and sure enough, within the next few visits into a gas station, a woman working there befriended me and told me on my second when I asked if they did discounts on coffee like they do for the soft drinks and she told me that anytime she's working, she will let me have free coffee!

And then, just tonight she didn't charge me anything for those espresso shots I love so much. She even let me take some extra creamer shots, too!

That is a good example for the #2 item on your "To-Manifest" list because those are small items that are not needs, but just random items that you'd really enjoy having, but wouldn't be attached to in any way if it did or did not happen. That's basically what you're aiming for when manifesting the "small" things.

 Doing this actually makes a world of difference in your abilities to manifest anything because it causes you to be undeniably aware of your possibilities, and because every single time you manifest something (or even attempt to), you're making great progress even if it isn't instantly visible. 
The things you manifest do add up in your experience over time, and a lot of times, you'll find that just manifesting a "small" item one time ends up causing the item (or experience, whatever you choose to manifest as your "small items) to happen over and over again as time goes on.

Moving on...

 3. An Experience

(Number 3 on my list is a fun event with all of my family together in one place.)
We've covered a need and a want (the material item), now to come up with an experience you'd like to manifest.

This one is often the most fun of all since it's not something you'd really get too disappointed about if it didn't happen (meaning through the week-long challenge, you won't you become attached to this manifestation so much that you resist it).

Your 3rd item on the list should be something of no importance really, something you have no trouble believing can happen.

An example for #3 could be running into someone you'd like to see, perhaps someone you haven't seen in a long time. Or it could be a phone call/text/friend request.

A lot of people like to try to manifest contact with an ex, but be careful that it isn't something/someone that you're too attached to because it often backfires if you begin to develop strong feelings towards the result. 

Wanting it "too much" can prolong "it" from arriving into your experience, so just remain a gentle in your feelings on this one.

If you have a tough time thinking of an experience you'd like to manifest, perhaps you could go with something like the experience of getting to work on a new project or something along those lines. 

An example for this:
We've been trying to finish this amazing garden I've planned for months, and when we ran into issues that require professional servicing, I was really bummed to say the least.

After my initial fit of frustration, I tried "manifesting" that the help would come into our experience somehow. 

It wasn't two weeks after I'd sat quietly with my thoughts, contemplating all the ways we could go about "fixing" this awesome garden I'd had in mind when my significant other ran into someone at work who happened to give him a Burlington lawn cutting service business card.

The card was left in his truck, without him ever putting together that a landscaping professional is basically just what we needed.

The card laid there until I spotted it that evening and asked him where it came from.

On the front was an image of a beautiful rock garden with a waterfall to the side (a real dream), and colorful flowers placed inside the rocky ring.

The beautiful image is what caught my attention or else I'd never have bothered to glance twice at the card. It looked so much like image of the garden I've had in mind.

When I saw the landscaping information on the back, I realized this had something to do with my manifesting help so that we can finish our own garden.

I'd managed to get a start on the questions I'd been asking and help I'd been praying for and trying to manifest. It came in the form of a business card, but we have since lined up a plan for completing the garden I've been dying to have.

You could also use something like getting to go somewhere fun or do something you'd like to do (attend an event, go out someplace enjoyable, etc.) for your #3 item.

I could go into about 4 dozen instances where I've manifested something of this nature -- being asked to go someplace I'd been wanting to go, attend an event, concert, etc. I will spare you my loads of personal success stories here (I'll save it for another post if anybody is interested in my 'success stories'. Just let me know if you are).

More examples could be simply coming across something in your experience. I find that I can easily (too easily in many cases) manifest certain insects and creatures into my experience! In fact, my deep fear of spiders has caused me to manifest them like crazy

In fact, I manifested three of the nasty suckers earlier because last night, I decided to proudly share with my spouse how the spray I used must be amazing because I'd seen zero spiders in the house since. 

Then of course the image and fear and dread of seeing them in the house came rushing into my mind and what do you know? Three were in the house today and guess who came across them? Only me!

I also accidentally manifested a snake just last month! I was sitting on the couch day dreaming when a random image popped into my head of a snake slithering across the back of the couch. I don't have a real fear of snakes or anything and rarely even see or think of them, but for some reason, that image came to my mind. The next day, I woke up and stood on the back porch for a long while playing with the cat and looked down to see a huge snake sniffing my ankle!

There have been many, many instances where I've manifested similar things as this. I seem to have an easy time manifesting creatures into my experience (frogs, insects, etc.)

You could try for a creature that you enjoy. A specific bird, a lizard, turtle, etc.

 Note: Starting out with no more than 3 simple items is best as trying to manifest too many things in one short week can overwhelm you to the point you simply can't continue working at it. So, keep it at three or even less if you feel that's best for you or if your spare time is really limited.

 I'd like to include one more to this list -- a feeling/emotion to manifest -- but will save it for next week to avoid adding too many to the list for the week.

If you'd like to stay tuned, I will document my results of this week's challenge, and then make a post on manifesting a feeling/emotion next week, if you'd like that. That is a fun area, especially in the area of relationships/love!

My Results After the Challenge:
1. $1,000 Goal - Didn't happen. In fact, I kinda got the opposite! My paycheck was cut more than half. :( I'm just looking at it as all being a part of making way for my manifestations. The $ will come eventually, but obviously I wasn't in enough alignment with it this week.

2.  Energy Supplement -- Whoa! Not only did I have a very similar herbal energy supplement come to me the very day after I posted this challenge, but I've managed to manifest quite an abundance in this department! The herbal energy supplement wasn't the exact one I listed on my challenge, but it was one with almost the same ingredients. I happened across them in a store the day after I started this entire challenge, and here I am today and have managed to accumulate a variety of herbal mental clarity supplements that I'd never heard of before. That one really worked out.

3. The experience also worked out for me extremely well and far better than I'd imagined. At the end of this challenge, we found out my newest niece was arriving! Since then, I've managed to manifest a couple of fun adventures including with my spouse who I was able to get extra time with. And then all my family, all the kids! We've gotten to get together several times since I started the challenge. This one just keeps happening in my experience -- even over the weekend when we simply did fireworks with friends and family, it's exactly the type of "experience" I was hoping to manifest in this challenge.

The reason I say it ended up happening far better than I expected is because I hadn't seen my sister in a year until now! I've gotten to spend time with her (and the new baby!) several times since, so these things alone make the entire challenge results all worth it.

*** Today is Friday June 20 (if my laptop is correct). The challenge is for one week long, so I will be back here next Friday to update you on all 3 items within this challenge. I'll let you know which I have success with.  In the meantime, please do take a minute to let me know if this type of post is something you're interested in reading more of.

I hope ya'll found this post to be useful or enjoyable or interesting. I know a lot of you are also fellow 'creators,' so since we share that interest, I thought I'd document how the challenge ends up working out for me and share how it works in case any of you would like to join in. If this topic does interest you and you'd like to see more posts like this, please do let me know. I love and appreciate feedback from you guys. When I don't get feedback regarding a somewhat new topic (like this one) here at R&P, I typically avoid posting in the category in the future because I get the impression people weren't interested in what was posted. So, you must let me know if this is something you want more of. ;)

Also, if any of you would like to read more of my success stories regarding manifestations and Law of Attraction, I will gladly share those. It's such a thrilling topic for me to discuss, and over the last year of studying this whole area, I've accumulated some pretty neat successes in manifesting.

Two other areas that I've become incredibly familiar with are relationships/love-life and happiness/feeling good and of course health, but I feel I've made great progress with the first two (relationship and happines categories). With that said, I was just thinking about possibly sharing my tactics and techniques for happiness/feeling good and relationships. I have a very methodical 'technique' that I've developed and been using as far as happiness/mood/feeling good go, so I'll consider sharing that if anybody becomes interested in following along.

If you have any questions (regarding this topic, the challenge, my experiences, my successes and failures, or even something completely un-related) don't hesitate to reach me via email (find it under "contact me") or by commenting. I always read my messages/comments and reply.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Glacial Mud Sample Kit Review

Sample box of Alaskan Glacial Mud Co.'s face mud

I received this cute sample kit of Alaskan Glacial Mud Co's Purifying Glacial Mud Masque. Let's take a look at what's inside the sample kit...

Inside the kit is 3 sample packets of Alaska Glacial Mud -- the "Relaxing Vanilla," the "Unscented," and the "Lavender Peppermint" -- and an application brush.
A close-up along with the informational paper

The mud masques are made with "mineral-rich, pure glacial clay from the waters of Copper River Delta in Alaska and enriched with a special combination of certified organic and wildcrafted botanical extracts from the Pacific Northwest." The mud also contains 60 trace elements, which are delivered to the skin for healthy skin cell regeneration.

The Lavender-Peppermint and Vanilla Lavender are very similar in scent. In fact, I found that all three masks seemed to be pretty much the same as far as how they look, feel, and "work" goes.

The only real difference I noticed was that the peppermint one had more of a neat cooling effect when applied to my skin. Each of the three different muds were magnificent and felt pleasant on my skin.
The mud masques have a perfectly fine, gritty texture for exfoliating away dead skin and dirt. 
My skin was left feeling cool, and deeply cleansed. Using the masques is a really pleasant and relaxing experience and I looked forward to every shower.

The masque is fairly gentle, especially since the grit is so fine and does such a great job at removing dead skin cells and impurities. I love the exfoliation this mud provides, but find that with my combination skin, it's best not to use it too roughly on my skin everyday. I like using it to gently massage my face every other day so that I don't over-do it and cause the dryness of my combo-skin to become a bit dryer.

However, I do feel like this mud is great for all skin types, including combo-skin as long as you don't get carried away and scrub harshly, which some people with dry skin tend to like doing because we get confused and think the rougher we scrub, the better our skin will be. 

Keeping in mind that rough-scrubbing is bad, this is the most pleasant mud I've ever used on my face and I love how soft and smooth my skin is after using. 

I also like that it does remove some of the extra dry flakes while helping balance out the overly-oily T-zone area.

The Alaska Glacial mud masques are the perfect addition to my daily routine and I feel like they cleanse my skin so deeply and thoroughly that I don't even require soaping it up first. In fact, cleansing with soap first and then using this felt like overkill as the mud cleans very well.

This mud is also gentle on sensitive skin and contains no irritants, only safe, effective, and healthy ingredients (my favorite thing about it!) 

Active Ingredients:
 Glacial clay and silt - exfoliating and detoxifying natural deposit with more than 60 nourishing major and trace elements, including Mg, Cu, Z, S, Ag, Si, Ca, Na, K and Fe that promote anti-aging, help skin hold moisture and form collagen resulting in radiant skin.Certified organic and wildcrafted botanical extracts including kelp, nettle, horsetail, elderflower, yarrow, cranberry, blueberry and vitamins e and b5.

Talk about amazing ingredients, huh? I loved using these muds, knowing that they were not only detoxifying and cleansing my skin, but also delivering very healthy and beneficial vitamins and nutrients and minerals.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the awesome ingredients Alaskan Glacial Mud Company chose to include because I feel like it's so necessary to give your skin the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the rest of the body needs and it's so rare to find skincare products that will take care of every bit of your skin's needs. 

I feel confident that using the mud was basically taking full care of my skin and that was amazing. Not having to spend an hour a night adding all sorts of extra products to my skin, knowing the mud basically did it all was really gratifying.


 -  Anti-Aging
-Contains "immuno-protective properties"
- Moisturizing
- Detoxifies
- Exfoliates
- Softening 
 - Allergy-free
- Safe on sensitive skin, non-irritating
No synthetic fragrances, colors or fillers. No propylene glycol, no pthalates or parabens

- No animal by-products or testing
- Sustainably hand-carved glacial mud 

- 10% profits donated to wilderness preservation, habitat restoration, environmental defense and education in the Copper River Watershed.
To sum it up, I could absolutely use this mud on a regular, even daily basis and feel confident and comfortable that my skin's needs are being fully met, and in a healthy, safe way!

 Disclaimer: I am not a specialist, expert, professional or doctor of any kind. Content on this blog is not intended to be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or advice of any sort. I'm simply sharing information about my own experiences and results from use of a product or activity in hopes of providing useful information to readers, not to be taken as a patient/medical adviser relationship. I am not responsible for what readers choose to do after viewing the content here. Furthermore, I do not hold an "exceptional" or other special relationship with any company mentioned on this site. I'm simply a consumer who worked with the company on a review that is in compliance with FTC's guidelines. That means, everything you read here is my own words, not anything of the company's. I was not provided with monetary compensation for my review. All information posted has been done so with complete honesty. No action should be taken based solely on the content of this publication ( I'm not responsible.) Readers who rely on the information in this blog to replace the advice of an appropriate health care provider assume all risks of such behavior.